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Anthony Koehler

CrossFit Level-3 Instructor

1 Mile Run: 4:56
Deadlift: 500 lbs
Cindy: 30 Rounds
Bench Press: 335 lbs
Snatch: 245 lbs
Muscle-ups: 15 unbroken


FRC movement specialist
CrossFit level 2
CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Weightlifting
USAW Level 1

About Coach

I have always had to battle nutrition and I found for myself when my nutrition is on point I am a significantly better Athlete. Having lost over 60# twice because of poor eating habits I know what it takes to help create a better and happier version of yourself. Growing up I played around with Judo for a few years and ended up getting 3rd in a National Competition. I also wrestled in High School and was Team Captain my senior year. Now I like to compete in CrossFit competitions and currently training for regionals one year!

Turning Point

The turning point in my life was when I realized I wasn’t chasing my dreams anymore. Ever since I started CrossFit in 2011 I have hoped for one day to have the opportunity to compete in the CrossFit Games. When I was about 20 I saw that I had not been putting in the amount of effort it takes to be that level of Athlete and it crushed me. So now every single day I work towards my goals and I don’t let anything hold me back!

Motivation & Passion

I have always had self doubt in my own Athletic abilities since I was a wrestler in High School. Not qualifying for state felt like it was one of the most detrimental things that ever happened to me. I was crushed for weeks if not months. I came to that wrestling room as an overweight freshmen (240 pounds) and worked my butt off to wrestle the 160 weight class by my senior year. Ever since that day I have had self doubts and I will ask my self “Am I good enough to ever go to the CrossFit Games?” But when I walk into Kansas City Athletic Club all those fears and self-doubts melt away as I’m showered in love and compassion from my friends and lifting partners. They are the most supportive group of people I have ever met and I always leave that place with a smile and high self esteem. I love everyone at our gym and they make me believe in my self and my own abilities.

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