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Jessie Kiblen

Gymnastics Coach

Snatch: 175 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 200 lbs
Deadlift: 300 lbs
Grace: 2:04
Fran: 2:26
sabel: 1:59


USAG Certified Gymnastics Coaching Professional
USAG Certified Gymnastics Safety Professional
USAG and Xcel Gymnastics Competitive Club Coach, 15 years
Shawnee Mission School District Certified Athletic Coach and Safety Professional
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Exercise Corrections Specialist
Master’s in Education, Physical Education and Health

About Coach

USAG Junior Olympic Gymnast, 3 time Kansas State Champion District State Champion, 75 meter hurdles 2015, 2016 Granite Games Individual Qualifier 2016 Crossfit Regional Team Member

Turning Point

My turning point was realizing that, before CrossFit and finding my KCAC family, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and unsure of who I was. It seems silly to think “workouts” can impact one’s self so dramatically but I truly believe this type of community saved my life. I was able to place relationship, family, work (you name it), frustration into my time and energy spent at 913 and I left feeling like a completely different person- every day. It’s a feeling and a sense of connection with myself and others I never had before. It is absolutely more than just exercise.

Motivation & Passion

I began coaching from the first day I was old enough to work and have spent my entire career perfecting my ability to teach others of all learning levels, backgrounds, and personalities. Coaching and teaching aren’t just jobs, they are nothing less than passions. I live for the moments when someone finally achieves something they did not know they could, finding confidence within themselves, and knowing I contributed to that success. My motivation is to constantly challenge myself. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable- because I hate that feeling. We don’t grow in comfort, we grow through struggle. I have had to face adversity many times in my life and practicing self control, resourceful learning, and patience has been difficult. CrossFit forces you to come face to face with all of those things daily. Not to mention, we have a LOT of fun and laughs! You just can’t replace the relationships created here.

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