9 Healthy Restaurants in Overland Park, Kansas

Looking To Eat Healthy in Overland Park? 

If you are in Overland Park, Kansas and looking for a healthy restaurant to eat at, look no further!

Overland Park has so many great options that will have your mouth watering. We have compiled a list of 9 of the best restaurants around Overland Park that offer delicious food with low calories.

Scroll down below to see our top picks!

  1. The Overland Park Cafe. This quaint cafe offers many vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. They have some of the best salads in town and their price range is reasonable for most budgets
  2. Dining at Home with Marlyns Catering. Dine in or take out food from this catering company that specializes in healthy, fresh and delicious meals.
  3. Overland Park Farmers Market.  If you are looking for a quick fix to get your produce on the go, then head over to Overland Park's farmers market! They offer tons of food options like sandwiches that have healthy ingredients in them or meatless burgers with bacon toppings.
  4. Organic Cafe & Juice Bar.  This popular cafe has many vegan options as well as vegetarian dishes made from scratch daily. Some items include gluten free oatmeal pancakes and smoothies made with organic fruit juice. The atmosphere is relaxing, so it makes for a great place to stop by any time of day!
  5. Overland Park Pita Pit.  This is Overland Park's only pita pit with tons of filling options. You can choose from their menu which includes things like falafel, hummus and vegetarian gyros.
  6. The Healthy Chef Cafe. If you are craving a delicious sweet treat, then stop by this cafe that offers organic vegan sweets made fresh in house! They offer many unique flavors such as white chocolate raspberry sorbet or honey lavender almond cream cake.
  7. Trails Foods Organic Grocery Store & Vegan Deli.  Trails has something for everyone whether they eat meat or not! Their deli features cuisine that ranges from vegetarian to vegan foods while still being healthy items. This grocery store also carries gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items.
  8. Mandalay Market Overland Park. Mandalay has a large variety of healthy food options including fresh vegetables, fruit salads or more heavy foods like their bibimbap bowl with brown rice and beef!
  9. Organic Produce Stand Overland Park Kansas.  This organic produce stand is perfect for picking up some fruits to go as well as other things such as eggs that are free from hormones or gluten-free breads. They have something for everyone there at this market so be sure to stop by soon!


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