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Francisco Toyo

CrossFit Level 2 Instructor

Fran 2:30, snatch 235#, 305 clean, 18Ub Muscle up.


CrossFit level 2 Trainer and Strength and conditioning trainer.

About Coach

I’m a former Rugby player for the Venezuelan national Rugby team, I started CrossFit back in 2010 as an strength and conditioning training for rugby and instantly fall in love with it and started studying all about it to being able to teach people how to move efficiently and with safety to make them able to perform better in life and in sports.

Turning Point

Early when I started sports I found that we are in constantly change, and when we decided that we want to be the best version of ourself we could accomplish anything in life and in sports. I committed to be the best, the more disciplined and motivated athlete in the rugby team I was, I never stop dreaming about being able to travel to different countries and represent “Venezuela 🇻🇪 “, and with lots of days and nights of continuos and rigorous training sessions I got selected. That’s when I found that that luck doesn’t exists, you have to put in the work and you are going to make it for sure.

Motivation & Passion

My passion and obsession is to help athletes and myself to move well, with efficiency and efficacy. It really motivates myself the happiness expresión of athletes when they can accomplish movements that they never thought they could be able to do.

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