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CrossFit Classes

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CrossFit Classes

You’ll be participating in group classes utilizing CrossFit methodologies outlined below.

  • Diet: lays the molecular foundations for fitness and health.
  • Metabolic Conditioning: builds capacity in each of three metabolic pathways, beginning with aerobic, then lactic acid, and then phosphocreatine pathways.
  • Gymnastics: establishes functional capacity for body control and range of motion.
  • Weightlifting and Throwing: develop the ability to control external objects and produce power.
  • Sport: applies fitness in a competitive atmosphere with more randomized movements and skill mastery.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a high intensity workout that is proven to give CrossFit participants extraordinary results in minimal time. This is why CrossFit has surged in popularity over the last decade.

CrossFit Is Tested To Work

CrossFit utilizes the concept of Constantly Varied Functional Movements at High Intensity.  This combination is what makes CrossFit unique as a training system, and it's something we have seen work time and again with our gym members.

Workouts can be adjusted in weight, intensity, and certain mechanics in order to scale to the experience and fitness levels of any individual, be it a total fitness beginner or elite competitive CrossFitter. This is the reason this program gets acclaim from military personnel, professional athletes, soccer Moms, Dads and grandparents alike.

CrossFit is Coached By A Professional

All of our CrossFit Classes are coach-led and follow a planned progression roughly 60 minutes in duration and follow this basic structure:

A certified coach will guide you through warming up, followed by movement instruction and demonstration for the workout. The Coach will supervise and correct any movement performed by you during the workout.

A Typical Workout At A CrossFit Gym

Curious what a typical workout is like at a CrossFit Gym? Our CrossFit classes are very structured, giving you the ability to maximize your time while working out at KS Athletic Club.


Your first moments at the gym will be checking into class and waiting for a class to start.

Our CrossFit members will typically come in 5 to 10 minutes early and loosely stretch or socialize while they wait for class to start.

Daily Introductions

Oftentimes a coach will begin class by going over any announcements or introductions that might need to happen.

They will then outline the daily workout, explaining what each segment of the workout will entail and why we are doing it.

From day to day, each workout might have different reasons behind it, so we want to make sure you understand that so you can get the correct workout.

Warm Up

Based on the daily CrossFit workout that's to be done, we will design a custom warm up.  

This time is to get your blood flowing and prepare your body for the upcoming CrossFit workout. By doing so, we will be reducing injury potential.

It will generally target the muscle groups, skills or systems that will be used during the workout.

For example on a day where we might have a lot of jumping rope in the CrossFit workout, we might include some light rope skipping as part of our warmup.

Strength / Skill Workout

While every day is different, many days will have a Skill or Strength component to the CrossFit workout.

This segment is designed to either increase a skill or your strength.

It could include something like 5 sets of 3 reps of back squats, or it could be 15 minutes of handstand practice.

Cardio Workout (Metcon)

After the Strength or Skill piece of the workout, we typically will do a cardio segment of the workout.

Metcon is just a fancy word for Cardio and it means metabolic conditioning.

This is designed to increase your cardiovascular system, but will often also involve bits of plyometrics, strength, dumbbell or barbell work, and other implements.

Cool Down

After the Strength/Skill and Cardio CrossFit Workout segments, we will generally participate in a cool down if time permits.

This allows your body to properly come down from the workout.

Similar to the warm up it's designed to reduce injury potential.

Looking For A CrossFit Gym Near You?

Look no further than KS Athletic Club!  Our world class coaches will work with you on your goals and our community will give you a second home you can keep coming back to!

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