Terry Shaffer


Squat: 350 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 235 lbs
Snatch: 195 lbs
Double Unders: 100 Unbroken


USAW Level One

CrossFit Level One

About Coach

I have lived in the Overland Park, Kansas area my entire life. I currently have a wonderful wife and four children, run a successful landscaping business, and help coach the many athletes here at Kansas City Athletic Club. Cross Fit became a passion of mine at the age of 40 when times in my life were proving to be a challenge both mentally and physically. Since then, by fully submersing myself in the various training methods of Cross Fit, as well as by surrounding myself with the many awesome people for whom I now call friends in the Cross Fit community, I have turned my life around both mentally and physically. I feel life is a constant work in progress for which you can never look back nor ever let up as you move forward.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

My passion in my life is my wife, my kids, God, my career, CrossFit, and helping other achieve their own personal goals. I am truly grateful for everything this life has blessed me with. Coaching has opened up another chapter in my life to be able to not only utilize my knowledge I have learned as an athlete and as a coach, but also build off the power of other people who give back to me as I give to them. I am motivated daily by my family as well as the awesome, motivated team of athletes, business partners, and coaches that surround me at Kansas City Athletic Club. The energy is magnetic and a force that I truly feel will help propel myself into a successful and rewarding future as a person.

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