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Nick Reyes


May 5, 2023

How CrossFit Changed the Fitness Industry

ks-athletic-club  uses CrossFit at our Overland Park gym as one of its main forms of exercise methods.  

Many of our members come into the gym already knowing about CrossFit, but often new members don't know the history of this fitness program.

The Conception of CrossFit as a Gym

Greg Glassman created the term "CrossFit" in 2000 and invented this form of exercise.

As a youngster, Glassman was a gymnast, and he realized that he could build more strength if he worked out with dumbbells and barbells.

When he first began teaching others, he adopted this multidisciplinary approach.

He was quickly hired to train the Santa Cruz, California police department after establishing a gym in that city.

He recognized that he couldn't train clients one on one any longer because of the high volume of people needing training, so he looked for other methods to keep his multidisciplinary fitness approach.

So, the idea of "CrossFit" as a group workout technique was conceived.

Greg Glassman -the founder of CrossFit at overland park gym
Greg Glassman -the founder of CrossFit

The Early Days of CrossFit

CrossFit continued to grow as a way to train inside a gym and soon Glassman was overrun with clients.

He quickly realized that he needed to train more trainers in order to keep up with the demand.

Soon thereafter trainers began to ask to open their own gyms using CrossFit as the main methodology of fitness.

The first first CrossFit affiliate gym opened in 2002 in Seattle by Dave Werner.

Glassman next began to create a curriculum for trainers and gym owners to learn and be certified in his new CrossFit approach.

By 2005, there were 13 gyms, and in 2016, more than 13,000.  The growth of the fitness protocol known as CrossFit was exploding!

There were approximately 15,000 CrossFit affiliates by 2020.

CrossFit Games and our Overland Park Gym
The CrossFit Games are amazing to watch, but don't represent the average gym member

The CrossFit Games at our Gym

The CrossFit Games is a yearly sports event that was created as a result of CrossFit and first took place in 2007.  The first event was held on a ranch in Northern California. About 70 athletes participated in activities that were improvised on the spot.

The objective of CrossFit Games athletes is to determine "the Fittest on Earth," and they should be prepared for anything.

In 2011, the CrossFit Games adopted an online qualification format, which allowed worldwide participation in the qualifying round.

Each week, one new exercise is introduced during the five-week CrossFit Open. Athletes have several days to complete the workout and submit their scores online, with either a video or a recognized CrossFit affiliate validation.

Today, the CrossFit Games has evolved from a small event on a ranch to a worldwide competition that has expanded to include adaptive athletes, teens, and more divisions!

Our gym follows CrossFit methods in Overland Park

Why ks-athletic-club Uses CrossFit in our Gym

At ks-athletic-club, part of our origin story is in CrossFit, and such many of its methodologies are part of our gym.

There's many reasons to this, which we will out line below.

CrossFit Will Get You Fitter, Faster.

It has been proven time and again that a workout regimen of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity will help you find health and fitness faster than anything else.

This type of approach to fitness will be beneficial for everyone from newbies to athletes looking to gain strength and endurance quickly!

Regardless of if your fitness goals are to lose weight, become stronger, get of some medications or all of the above.

CrossFit Is Adaptive & Modifiable.

Not everyone is capable of doing CrossFit in the same way, and that's why we have CrossFit-adapted programming for almost all types of bodies here at ks-athletic-club!  

We will work with you to create a workout plan suited just for you. Our experienced coaches are always available to help modify things when needed too!

CrossFit Teaches You How to Move Safely.

At CrossFit, you learn how to move safely and efficiently every time you go into the gym. We even send our employees through CrossFit training so they understand these movements too!  

And if your friends want to try CrossFit out with you, we will work with them and their abilities to create a workout plan that is safe, effective and fun.

ks-athletic-club CrossFit Gym: CrossFit Gym in Overland Park

If you are interested in trying out CrossFit or just want more information about it before joining our gym give us a chat, email or phone call.  

We'd love to discuss your  goals and how CrossFit ks-athletic-club can help you accomplish them!

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