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The Early Summer Cycle

September 1, 2020

This week marks the begining of our early summer cycle in which we will turn our focus to mid range squatting, snatches, and pull up work. Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays will remain our core squat days, however we will use weightlifting on some of these days to supplement your squat work (you'll see what I mean this Wednesday). The squat work we do won't be consistently high percentages like with past cycles, as we need to fill a gap in moving moderately high percentages over higher rep schemes. That being said, we won't be neglecting those fun heavy days either. The accessory strength work will be great for core development along with helping progress strength required for pull ups, so if you have the extra time please do the accessory work programmed.For our weightlifting focus we are programming some tempo squats after power movements in order to build a strong foundation in our footwork and achieve a higher level of barbell awareness. We will be working a lot on snatching and overhead squats as we have not focused on these two movements in a couple cycles. There will be optional jerk work every Monday, while Friday and Saturday will alternate between full snatches and cleans.Endurance is going to shift in days to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Tuesdays will be 20 min trail runs for recovery from Monday's squats, while Thursdays and Saturdays will alternate between sprint work and mid-range repeats.Remember, that if you cannot see the optional strength, weightlifting, and endurance work in SugarWOD go to Settings>Your Settings> Workout Tracks - and select 913 Competition

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