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Nick Reyes


May 5, 2023

Top 6 Reasons To Start Doing CrossFit

You've seen your friends get amazing results doing CrossFit, but every time you talk to them, it might feel a bit overwhelming.

A simple explaination we've posted titled "What is CVFMHI?" (hint: it's the foundations of CrossFit) might help start your thought process!

It might even leave you more confused than before you had the conversation.

Forget everything you've heard and check out the top 5 reasons you need to try CrossFit today!

Leave with a smile - every time you CrossFit at KS Athletic Club

1. CrossFit Is Fun

It might sound crazy, but pushing your body and mind outside of it's comfort zones is actually fun!

It won't make sense until you get into a solid CrossFit workout and try it for yourself, but there's a reason why it's taken the fitness world by storm and the popularity of CrossFit is not letting up.

KS Athletic Club is a CrossFit gym and our members love our CrossFit classes

2. CrossFit Makes You Feel Great and Boosts Energy

There's something about working in a zone of relatively high intensity and weight.  It releases a ton of endorphins, which make you feel great and energized all day.

CrossFit will also force you to challenge your abilities, and you will learn all kinds of new skills, abilities, and strengths.

This will lead to a new way you look at yourself in the mirror.  You'll see a more accomplished, more confident self - knowing you can challenge yourself daily and come out on top!

3. CrossFit Creates Undeniable Fitness Results

The greatest part about CrossFit is its roots in the scientific method.  CrossFit has been designed to be a measurable and repeatable fitness program.

Most CrossFit enthusiasts keep a journal of their workouts and their personal bests either via an app or by using a pen and paper CrossFit workout journal.

Combining the amazing community of support and accountability with our high intensity workouts, you will almost be guaranteed to get the fastest fitness transformation possible.

You show up and do the work - the results are guaranteed.

4. The CrossFit Community

The CrossFit community is an amazing and often overlooked benefit to joining a CrossFit gym.  This is literally something you cannot replicate in almost any other gym or fitness studio.

Not only will you have a great workout, but you'll meet passionate individuals who share similar life goals and interests as you.

It’s common for our members not only workout together, but enjoy dinners, family events - even get married and have play dates with the little ones!  The friends you meet at the gym are real!

5. The Coaching, Accountability, and Planning

Workout out at a CrossFit gym is so much more than just coming in and trying to figure out what you have to do every day.

Our program structured so that we have an entire lesson plan built out ahead of time.  Thinking through exactly what types of results we would like to see from a point in the future helps us avoid just coming in and doing "back and bi's" every other day.

Our coaches keep a watchful eye on our classes, giving professional feedback on your movement and making sure you are staying safe.

We help you stay healthier, longer Overland Park!

6. CrossFit Is Cheaper than Therapy or Surgery

Father time is coming for us all. That's without question.  However, the more work we put in today to delay that - the better.

Studies have shown over and again - it's cheaper to stay fit, strong and healthy into your older ages than not.

CrossFit helps with both out physical longevity as well as our mental longevity.

Being able to push back the clock as long as we can, is invaluable.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you tomorrow for the investment you've made today.

Check Out a CrossFit Class at ks-athletic-club Today!

Our first two CrossFit classes are free - so there's no reason not to come down and check out what you're missing!

Scared of what your first class looks like and how to prepare? A CrossFit gym in Cypress, Tx wrote a great article about that!

See what a great coach, a vibrant community, and some well designed and planned high intensity workouts can do for your fitness, your mindset and your body today!

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