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Nick Reyes


May 5, 2023

Top 5 BBQ Restaurants In Overland Park, Kansas

This page is part of our Overland Park City guide series. Interested in other things to do, see and experience in Overland Park, Kansas? Make sure to read the entire guide!

Top 5 BBQ Restaurants in Overland Park

Choosing the best Overland Park, KS BBQ restaurant is no easy task. There are so many to choose from!  

We've done the work for you - if you're visiting Overland Park and you want to try some great BBQ, here's the top 5 to pick from.

great bbq comes from overland park!

Which one has the best ribs?

Is there a place that specializes in pulled pork?

What about brisket or sausage links? We have narrowed it down for you and found these five Overland Park BBQ restaurants that we think are worth checking out!

Joes BBQ in Overland Park is a Landmark
Joe's BBQ Is A Landmark

#1: Joes KC BBQ Overland Park KS

This Overland Park Kansas restaurant offers up some of the most famous bbq dishes around.

The signature dish at Joe's is their baby back ribs with a dry rub seasoning and served with a side of cole slaw.

You can also try some delicious smoked turkey, beef brisket, or bbq chicken.

The top side dish to order is the macaroni and cheese.

Jack Stack BBQ in Overland Park
Jack Stack BBQ

#2 Jack Stack BBQ Overland Park KS

Jack Stack Overland Park Kansas BBQ restaurant is a very popular place to go for great food and live music.

Their signature dish is the burnt ends which are pieces of beef brisket with a spicy-sweet rub on them that have been smoked over pecan wood until they're caramelized and crispy.

You can also try their famous ribs which are rubbed with a sweet and smoky spice blend.

q 39 bbq in overland park
Q-39 BBQ in Overland Park

#3 Q-39 Overland KS

This Overland Park Kansas restaurant has a very unique menu.

They offer up dishes that range from ribs to pulled pork, brisket and even some sandwiches!

For those who want something almost everyone will enjoy there is also a kids' menu with items like grilled cheese and chicken fingers on it .

arthur bryant overland park ks
Arthur Bryant, Overland Park

#4  Arthur Bryant Overland Park KS

Arthur Bryant's Overland Park Kansas offer up dishes with a wide range of options.

Their most popular dish is the beef brisket which comes in either regular or spicy flavor and served on white bread, french fries and pickles.

You can also try their famous ribs that are rubbed with their special blend of spices.

slaps bbq in overland park
Slaps, Overland Park

#5 Slaps BBQ Overland Park, KS

Slaps BBQ Overland Park Kansas is another great restaurant to try out if you are interested in some good Overland Park BBQ.

They have an amazing menu full of many different options to choose from including ribs, chicken and even some seafood!

They also offer catering if you are looking for a place that can provide food for large events or gatherings.

BBQ In Overland Park Can’t Be Beat!

Overland Park, Kansas is a hot spot for BBQ. Over the past decade, we've seen Overland Park restaurants go from serving simple BBQ to more upscale and gourmet dishes that are full of flavor and satisfying any palate.

If you're looking for some good barbecue while visiting Overland Park, these 5 places will not disappoint!

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