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Introducing Pro Alpha

September 1, 2020
Pro Alpha

PRO ALPHA PROTEINPro Alpha Protein has 30 servings per bottle. It is formulated to give an exceptional amino acid profile from a completely vegan protein source. Why vegan? Milk based protein powders are notorious for causing gastrointestinal inflammation, bloating and pain! If you are seeking supplemental protein for post workout muscle recovery, or simply for weight loss or meal replacement our vegan protein is your answer!Pro Alpha Protein is a simple formula with huge benefit. Combining 80% pea protein isolate and 20% brown rice protein isolate yields a great amino acid profile from an all vegan source.Sacha Inchi provides Omega 3,6, and 9 fats along with great anti-inflammatory properties.Suma Root increases physical strength, energy and staminaPRO ALPHA GREENSPro Alpha Greens was formulated to give you a 1 scoop to wellness product. This formula is packed with phytonutrients to provide your body with micronutrient nutrition.Pro Alpha Greens started it all! Over a year was spent on formulation and tasting to give you the best possible green phyto-nutrient supplement on the market. Does your family get 20 plus servings of fruits and vegetables in a day...a week....a month? Pro Alpha Greens is your answer with 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables in 1 scoop! The health benefits of diets high in vegetables and fruits is well documented, why not get them with ease?JOIN US - MAY 9th/10th

Aimee Adams (913 Athlete) from Pro-Alpha Nutrition will be at CrossFit 913 to talk about the benefits of Pro Alpha Protein and Pro Alpha Greens. If you are lactose intolerant or not getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables then Pro Alpha is for you! Stop by and say hi to Aimee and try a free sample and take advantage of 10% off your first Pro Alpha Purchase from 913!

Pro Alpha Nutrition

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