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September Female Athlete Spotlight - Danielle Blattner

September 1, 2020

When did you start CrossFitting? Who/what got you started?I began CrossFit in September of 2015 at Top Fuel CrossFit in Valparaiso Indiana (about month after Tyson moved to Kansas City to start his career). Tyson mentioned he was going to begin CrossFit so I thought I’d give it a try too. It was nice being in a new community and it was a way to occupy some time after work while having a long distance relationship. What is your favorite/least favorite WOD? What is your favorite/least favorite movement?My favorite WOD is anything with sumo deadlift high pulls/rowing/thrusters/wallballs and my least favorite movement is snatching (it’s the worsttttttt - but Anthony taught me a few things so maybe it’ll move up on the list).

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, sports, interests, etc.)A little about me… hmm… Well, I’m 27, I grew up just a couple miles from the shores of Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana (home of the Indiana Dunes). Being an only child, I never thought I’d move away from my family but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made (so grateful for FaceTime!). I’m a dental hygienist and have been practicing for 5 years. I enjoy traveling and being in the outdoors (in the sun preferably). I like to be productive and make the most of each day so sitting in front of a TV is probably the last place you’d find me.Sports? NOPE. I’m not a very competitive person (I don’t even count reps in a lot of the workouts). I cheered and did ballet when I was younger, tried diving until my coach asked me to do flips off of the diving board, and ran track in high school but did not participate in anything ending in “ball” or anything that involved a ball.What was your workout routine before CrossFit?My workout routine before CF consisted of running and lifting 3-4 days a week. I’d usually just find 6 or 12 week workouts on and try to follow them and run 3-8 miles by the beach once or twice a week. What did you think after your first CrossFit workout?My first CrossFit workout was an On Ramp workout consisting of burpees and simple movements with the PVC and I thought WTF am I getting myself into. I finished the workout dripping sweat and gasping for air and just told my CF coach that all I wanted was abs. He teased and said that I could draw them on for Halloween. What were your goals when joining CrossFit? Have you achieved any of those goals?My goals when joining CF consisted of doing a pull-up, actually putting weight on the women’s bar (overhead squats were a joke when I started CF - literally fell over on my butt with just the bar), and getting stronger. I’ve achieved these goals and am super happy about it!

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?CrossFit has definitely changed my life outside of the gym. I make better choices when It come to eating, I have more energy and I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, and I’ve met some really great people along the way! Do you have any other special memories/ achievements during your time here?Special memories at CF 913 - Meeting with Ben and discussing fitness goals and how to achieve them to help me fit into my wedding dress. Also can’t forget sharing the bar/weights with P$ at every class we’re in together.What advice would you give to a newbie just joining CrossFit 913?Advice for a new CrossFitter - Just keep showing up, don’t get overwhelmed; any movement can be scaled down. What I love most about CF is that you don’t have to think about what workout you’re going to do; just read that whiteboard and do it. It’s rewarding to see just how far you can push yourself. Something you might not know about me is?Something you might not know about me - I have a 35 month old son named Ozzie. I’m an Enneagram Type 1. I’d consider the Container Store my happy place if I can’t be at the gym or on the beach. Family and close friends call me “D”.

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