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Nick Reyes


May 5, 2023

August Male Athlete Spotlight - Danny Zaslavsky

When did you start? Who got you started ...

I started Crossfit a little over a year ago. All thanks to my partner Reed Erickson. My first Crossfit class was in Gainesville Florida at the very gym that Reed has his first Crossfit class. Although the extra challenge of Florida humidity along with the intense workout nearly caused me to pass out ... I came back wanting more! Thank you Reed for inspiring me to press forward!

Favorite/Least favorite WOD?

I used to think that my least favorite WOD’s would be in the area’s of weakness ... (anything overhead) ... but I’ve learned to love the workouts that challenge me the most as they have been the most rewarding! I haven’t found one I that I didn’t like yet!

Favorite/Least favorite movement?

Least favorite ... overhead squat

Favorite ... pull ups & push-ups

A little about me ...

Born and raised in Kansas City, I grew up with two incredible parents who worked hard to make sure I had all the opportunities they could afford me. Although, they signed me up for sports and other activities, at an early age I was not the model athlete and didn’t have much interest or skill. I found my passion in art, music and creative projects. Being the child of immigrant parents, I learned through watching my parents, how to work hard for what you wanted. Always having a competitive spirit, in high school I decided to try lacrosse which was my first real entry in pushing my body. This experience changed the way I thought about fitness and gave me the courage to push my body. Like many, I found exercise to be an important part of my routine, but also like many I did my best to show up to the gym and rely on the little knowledge I had or workouts I found online to hit my goals. Since finding Crossfit, I have fallen in love with the community, culture, friendships and ability to show up, unplug and work hard. It has been a great gift and I continue to be excited to come every week.

What did I think after my first CF workout?

More then the work itself, what was most intimidating to me about Crossfit was the terminology. Not wanting to look dumb in class, I chose to learn the basics first in working with TJ one-on-one. Best choice ever. Not only did TJ help me learn the basics, but he has continued to help me grow.

Has Crossfit affected my life outside the gym?

I met one of my best friends through of Crossfit ... Annie Shelton. I have gained a whole new group of friends, experiences and adventures that I am immensely grateful for.

Memories/Achievements ...

My first year doing Crossfit, I was mentally not prepared for Murph not to mention a Crossfit competition. It has been so rewarding being able to now do both and be excited to continue to push to do better next time.

Advice to newbie...

Take one on one CF sessions first. Was very helpful for me to the foundations both in language and in form.

Something you might not know about me ...

English is my second language ... I speak Russian.

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