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Nick Reyes


May 5, 2023

Group Fitness Gyms: Quicker Fitness and Health Results

Group Fitness Gyms & The Massive Health Benefits

Strength in numbers is true when it comes to your health and the gym

It's 6 a.m. and your alarm is going off, but you've lost all interest in getting out of bed and driving to the gym. If only you had a workout partner who stopped flaking on you or quitting.

A reliable workout partner is one of the most effective tools for keeping yourself accountable, according to research. Accountability in terms of working out and diet has long been proven, and the purest form of accountability is a dependable workout buddy.

Group Fitness Gym Overland Park

Group Fitness Gyms - Built In Workout Buddies

There's something to be said about the power of working out in a group — but what is it about being part of a group that gets us moving?

Group exercise may not be a new idea, but the global upswing in recent decades in its popularity has been significant. With the rise of CrossFit and its community mindset, it has become a big trend.

It's also true that working out in a group or using the community to enhance internal or external competitive performance is fast becoming the most popular method of exercise.

Research Shows Community Based Gyms Work

According to research, the good behaviors of others influence us. According to a study published in the Journal of Social Sciences, people are drawn to the exercise habits of those around them.

Overweight persons who spend time with their fit friends lose more weight than those who do not, according to a 2016 research in the journal Obesity.

Which makes a pretty strong argument for making your workouts communal. But it’s just one of many reasons why it may be easier (and more enjoyable) to get fit in a pack.

Overland Park Gym - Group Fitness

Why Does Group Fitness Work?

Here are some of the specific health advantages you may get from participating in group fitness classes at a gym like ks-athletic-club in Overland Park.

Increased Commitment

A study discovered that 95 percent of those who began a weight-loss program with friends completed it, compared to a 76 percent completion rate for individuals who attempted the program on their own.

The friends also had a 42 percent better probability of keeping their weight reduction.

“For most people, it’s difficult to stay consistent with workout routines, but having a certain group there waiting for you provides you with the motivation and accountability everyone needs to be successful,” says Michael Yabut, ks-athletic-club's EPOC Program Director. "Members of group fitness programs are less likely to skip workouts, which helps keep them on track."

Competition: Push Yourself Harder

The Köhler Effect is the idea that no one wants to be the weakest link in a group setting.

When it comes to fitness, this means pushing yourself further than you might otherwise when working out with others who are better.

A study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that working with a partner produced a motivation gain that allowed the participants to increase their effort by an average of 24 percent.

This means by simply working out with other people, you will be exerting an additional 24% on average!

Endorphin Dump

People who exercised in a group reported feeling calmer than those who cycled alone, according to an analysis published in the International Journal of Stress Management.

Perhaps that is because research out of USC in California has found that working out with friends with friends (or a spouse or co-worker) is much more enjoyable than sweating alone.

Accountability and Support

Working out with other people give us a sense of camaraderie. Everyone is there for the same purpose and working towards the same goals.

The people you encounter every week in a group fitness session eventually become your family, and they want to see you return so they can hold you accountable.

Group Fitness - Your Fastest Way To Fitness

For all these reasons and so many more, we're showing hundreds of Overland Park residents a faster way to happiness, fitness and health every day.

If you have found yourself lacking motivation, drive, or the results you seek in your fitness goals - give us a chat or a call! Better yet, pick up a few free classes and try us out today!

It's also more difficult to snooze the alarm a second time and roll back over once you sign up for another amazing ks-athletic-club CrossFit or EPOC class - and you know your friends and coaches are looking forward to you showing up.

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